Two days of mountain bike riding in Maramures


Last year’s autumn, we have return to the northest point of Romania, in the historical region of Maramures, to ride the two of our favourite trails.

For the first day we choose a trip in the Rodnei Mountains National Park, a 45 km ride with 1300 m gained in altitudine. After 30 km of climbing, up to the Prislop Pass and further to the Ştiol lake, we reach the above 2000 mettres mountain crests. We take a chill break on the Gargalau Saddle, before the awsome ride, down to the valley, on a perfect 15 km trails, passing near the summer cottages of the locals. It was such a great day, with good weather, smooth rides and beautiful views.

Enjoy the photos from the first day of riding:

For the second day the weather turned pretty bad. Cold and windy, with threatening clouds. So our plans for a second ride on the south face of the Rodnei Mountains are ruined. We choose instead a ride a bit more to the north, in the Maramureşului mountains, where the weather seems to be better. Altough not as spectacular as the first run, the highlights of the day are the abandoned remains of the old mines and the great views from the top of the mountain over the horizons. The weather was pretty sunny, but the wind was terrible strong. All in one, it was another great day on a mountain bike in the Carpathians.

Photos from the second day:


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