About us


The story of Carpathian Dreams began in a warm summer day, when two bikers, driven by the same passion, meet on a ride into the wilds of Transylvania.
After this trip we started working together pursuing the dream of showing our favorite trails to riders from all over the world.

There have been intense years looking for the best trails, the best partners, the best accommodations, but above all, was our passion for riding the bike.

Today we are a consolidated company with the capacity to help fulfill the dreams of our customers.

Our trips are made in some remote areas in the north side of Transylvania, at the connection with Bucovina and Maramureş, two historical regions of Romania.

We are in love of these places and happy to show it, being guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local communities.


Carpathian Dreams is formed by people passionate about nature and mountain biking.

What more than 5 years ago was the desire of two friends (Marcos and Călin) to show other riders their favorite areas of the Carpathians, has now become a mission through which we contribute to the conservation of nature and culture of this unique area of Eastern Europe.

We are a team of professionals with the same principles which makes it possible for Carpathian Dreams to continue growing.

We can offer experiences with the highest quality standards in the market.

One of the statements of Carpathian Dreams is to design the trips so that they become an immersive experience in the local culture and nature, helped by the explanations of our guides.
Another aspect that contributes to create unique experiences, is the careful selection of accommodations, run by trusted local people who are an important part of our team.

Our trails

The Carpathians are a vast mountainous region. The areas where our trips take place are less inhabited places, where we have selected a great variety of trails for our tours.

From forestry and country roads for our beginner rides, to single trails and challenging tracks for more experienced riders.

In addition, our guides have a great experience guiding groups of riders and are trained to make the best decisions to adapt to any situation.

We have a wide range of tours that adapt to different needs, but we are also specialists in designing tailor-made experiences with our clients. Just contact us and we will assign you one of our agents that will help you design your dream experience.

If you are looking for inspiration, we invite you to visit the stories of our blog

The Area

Romania, a country from the east part of Europe is a place little known for the rest of the World, but which has a lot to offer.

Romania’s mountains are considered to be one of the last wild places in Europe, the Carpathian Mountains being home of more than half of Europe’s large carnivores like bears and wolves.

With almost half of its population living in the countryside, Romania and its villages is the place where you can still experience the rural lifestyle, in its true sense, witnessing ancient old traditions and customs, which are extinct in other parts of Europe. People are still working and living from the land, using their own hands and animals for this. They still use horse drawn carts for carrying stuff and collecting hay in the old ways.

But this fragile paradise is facing extinction due to globalization and young people migration to urban areas and to foreign countries in search for a place to work.

Tourism and income from it could be an alternative to destruction of the wild habitats. It can also add an income to the local economy, helping to preserve the fragile way of life of the local communities.

The best moment to visit the wild and archaic Romania was 20 years ago, the second one is NOW.