Mountainbiking 2020 MTB Wall Calendar


2020 MTB Wall calendar

2020 wall calendar

Each year our photo library is growing. This year we decided to print some of our favorites and include them into a wall calendar.

Having a generous A3 size (11.69 x 16.53 inches, 32 X 44 cm), the 2020 wall calendar is filled with photos taken during mountain biking and winter trips from the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania/Romania.

The calendar has 13 sheets, one for each months, plus one for the the cover and is printed on a high quality printer on Card board (300g/m2).

We designed the calendar in a minimalist way, taking into account its functionality, but with extra attention on the aesthetic look. The photographs covers a generous part of the surface of each sheet and at the end of the month, they can be trimmed, framed, and re purposed as art.

It has a specific calendar metal wire hanger and can be mounted on a wall.

It is shipped in a paper gift bag being protected by a cardboard envelope.

If you would also like to have one, you can order it from here.”>

2020 mountain biking wall calendar

2020 mountain biking wall calendar

2020 mountain biking wall calendar



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