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If you are planning to write an article, an advertising project or a mountain bike adventure, we are ready to help you.

The north of the Romanian Carpathians is the ideal scenario to produce an original advertising work since it is a relatively unknown area, with great potential, that has all the ingredients to achieve a unique product.

Our experience in organizing guided tours, bike camps and other mountain bike events through the Romanian Carpathians, allow us to offer a series of services that will make any project easier in one of the most unique areas of Europe.

  • We are specialists in project management and organization, we offer collaboration and professional support in all phases of the project, from the development of a proposal, to the post-production of the product. You just have to contact us, explain your idea and we’ll help you shape it and define a budget.
  • We are bike guides with extensive experience, which provide knowledge of the terrain and guarantee operational flexibility to make the most of the days of recording.
  • In our team we have a professional photographer who knows the best locations for audiovisual projects and who will offer specialized support from the first phases of the project.
  • This area of ​​the Carpathians is relatively undeveloped logistically, in the years of experience guiding expeditions in these areas, we have woven a network of contacts and resources that we make available to our customers to achieve the best results.


Our team

If something defines us, we are passionate about mountain biking and we are dedicated to develope this sport in our respective areas.

We like to work as a team, when you hire our services you are incorporating our team, highly qualified professionals who will help you to achieve the objectives of your project.

calin gabor

Co-founder of CarpathianDreams, graduate in Geography of tourism and Tourism planning, he combines his work as a professional photographer with MTB guiding, being one of the promoters of the mountain bike scene in the north of the Carpathians.

marcos prada

Co-founder of CarpathianDreams, with extensive experience in coordinating civil engineering projects, currently combines design work for tourism experiences with MTB guiding and also with promoting the development of mountain bike in El Bierzo (Spain)

mihaela paculea

Specialist in international trade, is responsible for administrative tasks and logistics coordination.

Contact us and we will help you create your story.