MTB Coaching


If you have reached this page it is because you have a spirit of improvement and you know that you can improve your level of riding with a little help.
What you probably do not know is how far we are going to get you …

Mountain bike is a sport where skills are playing an important role in safety and enjoyment when practicing it.
The years of experience in guiding groups and riding with cyclists of all levels have motivated us to offer MTB coaching services focused on improving the riding technique.

We have our own learning style that is summarized in working and improving the technique of our clients in a fun and relaxed way while enjoying a mountain bike adventure.

We teach you driving tricks that you can put into practice under the supervision of our monitors and that will help you to raise your level of riding in a fast and fun way. Be sure that after going through one of our training tours or one of our bike camps, you will be surprised of your progress.

The handlebar setup, the proper height of the saddle and the correct adjustment of the suspensions are basic setups.


Our courses are designed so that you acquire some knowledge that will help you to keep improving whenever you get on your bike.

For this all our method is focused on putting you in the right direction so that you experience a constant improvement in the future.

Also, do not think that the classes are boring, on the contrary, we have a lot of experience in teaching while we do tourist tours, taking advantage of the real obstacles to introduce explanations and practices in an entertaining way.

It also does not matter what your level is, we will adapt the explanations so that you can improve.

If you have just entered mountain biking, think of it as an advantage. If you have experience, be prepared to transform your riding style and get a noticeable increase in your confidence.

Feeling more like a passenger than a pilot when things accelerate is very common without a solid foundation in place. We will correct any bad habit and create a solid foundation for constant improvement.


Bicycle configuration
We teach you how to adjust the ergonomics of your bike and the suspensions to get the best performance

We will make you understand the physics behind modern mountain bikes.
Balance, body position and the right movements can quickly improve your riding, which helps you to ride effectively in any situation.

Control in steep descents
Maintain balance and maximize traction at very slow speeds, before mastering the techniques to accelerate safely on steep trails.

Braking management
We will check how applying proper braking techniques will reduce braking distances significantly.

Sharp turns
Understand how to increase traction, conserve speed and choose the best lines

Basic tricks
Manuals, float through irregular sections, bunny hop  and why and when to use them to get better results
Ready to wake up the pilot in you?

Bike Camps

In order to facilitate the assimilation of new riding skills we started to organize a series of mountain bike camps. We chose different spots in some of our favorite areas, combining teaching sessions with discovery and exploring of beautiful places.

Our bike camps are open equally to local and foreign tourists, so an interesting cultural exchange may happen.

Also, to ensure you will have a great vacation and learn something new as well, we organize a few events each season, combining mtb tours with bike camps. First 3-4 days will be dedicated to a tour which will end with another 4 days spent on a bike camp.
Please check our  Calendar for future events.
You can also have the choice to choose to participate only to the bike camp, or maybe take the tour after the event. Just contact us and we will find a solution fitted for you.


TOUR 2019
22 – 24 feb
3 days / 2 nights (Spain)
260 €
22 – 24 may
La mirada Circular Bike Camp, (+info coming soon)
3 days / 2 nights (Spain)
27 – 1 may
Private tour
6 days / 5 nights (Romania)
Trip full
3 – 9 june
7 days / 6 nights (Romania)
1400 €
8 – 14 july
7 days / 6 nights (Romania)
1300 €
5 – 11 august
7 days / 6 nights (Romania)
1400 €
9 – 15 sep
7 days / 6 nights (Romania)
1300 €