Why ride with Carpathian Dreams


When you hire the services of Carpathian Dreams, be sure that one of the best adventures of your life awaits you. That is our responsibility and we work very seriously to meet your expectations.

The Carpathians in general, unlike other areas of Europe such as the Alps or the Pyrenees, are areas with less infrastructure and large areas without GSM coverage, which makes it especially advisable to hire guided mountain bike tours together with qualified guides .

Carpathian Dreams guides, apart from knowing the terrain perfectly and having protocols for action in the event of an accident, are equipped with satellite communication systems that guarantee rapid communication with the means of rescue.

In terms of mechanical issues, in all our trips we have a set of tools and spare parts to carry out most repairs. Our guides have advanced mechanical knowledge.
In case of not being able to carry out the repair we have a network of collaborating workshops that guarantee us to be able to solve most of the breakdowns in the same day. If repair is not possible we can get a replacement bike.

Sustainable TOURISM

When you choose our services you will also be part of the responsible travel community. Using bikes for traveling is a sustainable thing by definition.

We do everything with sustainability in our mind, respecting nature and involving local suppliers.

We are choosing mainly small guesthouses, operated by local owners. You will also have the chance to taste delicious food, made out of healthier, organic and local ingredients.

Fruits, vegetables and specific diary and meat products have a very intense and natural flavor.

Nevertheless when taking us as your guides you will have the opportunity to ride with local people, who know the best trails and the most stunning places from this part of the country. We are also taking part in different projects in our area, involving sport competitions, ecology and sustainable tourism.

Our trails

The story of CarpathianDreams began in a warm summer day, when two bikers, driven by the same passion, meet for the first time on a bike tour into the wilds of Transilvania.

We are a team of experienced riders,spanish and romanian, with more than ten years of riding, with great knowledge of the places you are about to visit.

Our trips are made in some remote areas in the north side of Transylvania, at the conection with Bucovina and Maramureş, two historical regions of Romania.

We are inlove of these places and happy to show it, beeing guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local comunities.

The Area

Romania, a country from the east part of Europe is a place little known for the rest of the World, but wich has a lot to offer.
Romania’s mountains are considered to be one of the last wild places in Europe, the Carpathian Mountains beeing home of more than half of Europe’s large carnivores like bears and wolves.

With almost half of its population living in the countryside, Romania and its villages is the place where you can still experience the rural lifestyle, in its true sense, witnessing ancient old traditions and customs, wich are extinct in other parts of Europe. People are still working and living from the land, using their own hands and animals for this. They still use horse drawn carts for carrying stuff and colecting hay in the old ways.

But this fragile paradise is facing extinction due to globalization and young people migration to urban areas and to foreign countries in search for a place to work.

Also, another danger that Romania is facing is deforestation. Tourism and income from it could be an alternative to distruction of the wild habitats. It can also add an income to the local economy, helping to preserve the fragile way of life of the local comunities.

The best moment to visit the wild and archaic Romania was 20 years ago, the second one is NOW.