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The world has changed and the way of doing tourism has changed. At Carpathian Dreams we have not changed. We are continuing doing what we did for the last years: mountain biking trips for small groups in remote areas of the Carpathians, away from crowds and staying in rural guest houses where we enjoy traditional homemade meals.

You will have three types of tours to choose from: Open tours, where you will share the trip with other riders, Private Guided tours for you and your friends/family and Self Guided tours.

On the first two options you will be assisted by a professional local guide and a car for luggage transfer if necesary. Airport/hotel transfers are also available.

For the Self Guided tours you will get the GPS tracks for the tour and all the information neccesary. Accomodation, some meals and restaurant suggestions are also included. Airport/hotel transfers, luggage transfers, bike and equipment rent are also available on request.

Our playground includes areas in the north of Transylvania, in Maramureș and Bucovina. We will ride in wild and crowded free places with no or little tourists around and we will stay mainly at local guesthouses booked only by our group.

We are also offering other types of outdoor activities, not only mountain biking, including photography tours, cycling and gravel tours, hiking/trekking tours and cultural tours.

Let the dreams flow. Some great adventures are waiting for you!

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