Mountain Bike trip in the open air living museum


Located in Western Carpathians, the Apuseni Mountains are some of the most impressive places in Transylvania, Romania and probably in Europe. Having their maximum height  lower than 2000 m they have other beauties in their pocket. Being made in general out of limestone, a soft rock, they are home to more than 400 caves, stunning gorges, rock walls and waterfalls. But one of the most important part is the human presence.  Lost in time villages located in the most picturesque places offer a unique experience. Here you can still see and experience ancient old customs and traditions together with the specific vernacular architecture. In the most remote places, the wooden houses are still covered with straw roofs perfectly integrated in the natural environment.

The villages and the natural attractions and preserved areas are connected with a dense network of paved, gravel and earthed roads and paths, making this area the perfect place for cycling and mountain biking. It is actually like riding in an open air living museum.

This Summer we visited several times this region, the last time with a group of determined Irish cyclists. We discovered some of the main attraction in the region such as the Râmeți Gorges, together with the 14th century orthodox monastery near by, the Roman Baths, the Gâvane natural waterpools, the Vălișoara Gorges, the Rimetea village (a medieval iron manufacturing center), the Colțești medieval fortress and the Piatra Secuiului massif.

Here is a sample of photos taken during their trip:


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