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Transcarpathian MTB Raid

Transcarpathian MTB Raid is the first mountain bike raid held in the Romanian Carpathians.
The objective is to make an epic adventure of 5 days through one of the most unique and wild areas of Europe.

From Borgo pass where the legend of Dracula was born, we will pedal towards the Rodnei Mountains National Park, to arrive next to Bucovina, another historical region of Romania. Here we will immerse ourselves in its unique culture surrounded by fairy tale landscapes and enjoying its rich gastronomy.

From Bucovina we will return to the land of Dracula, following the route of the Mary Theresa road – the Austrian Empire queen, crossing the Calimani National Park, one of the wildest and least populated extensions of Europe where we will definitely enter a journey into the past.

Format and philosophy Transcarpathian MTB Raid

Inspired by one of our tourist trips with the addition of the competitive format and the expansion of the number of participants.
The Transcarpathian MTB Raid is a test of 5 stages of resistance with a playful and tourist character that allows us to fully enjoy one of the wildest and most exotic areas of Europe.

For this, the timed sections will not exceed 25% of the total mileage.
The link sections, we will do them in groups accompanied by local guides that will offer us an immersive experience in the purest Carpathian Dreams style.
We will be 50 bikers who will live an epic adventure, which goes beyond bike tours, enjoying after the stages of cultural experiences, traditional accommodations and a rich cuisine that can only be found in the Carpathians.

We will have two parallel competitions:


101 km timed, divided into 5 days with a timed section each day of approximately 20 km. There will be two categories, male and female that will compete for a place for each one in the 2020 edition


Only the most complete biker will wear the Total Biker 2020 maillot for a year, for this he will have to accumulate the maximum points in the 6 tests he will face during the race, the most important being the vote for the best partner.

The prize will be to return to the Carpathians next season to contest the 2020 edition.

Overview Transcarpathian MTB Raid

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Duration: 6 to 8 days
Overnights: 6 to 8 (depending pack)
Riding days: 5
Fitness level: 4 of 5
Skills level: Intermediate
Total length: 300 km
Avarage per day: 60 km
Total climb: >6000 m
Lowest point: 500 m
Highest point: 2100 m
Price: From 1290€
Transcarpathian MTB Raid
• experience the archaic romanian country side, with ancient old customs and traditions
wild and pristine forests, roaming with brown bears, wolves and linx
Calimani Mtns. National Park
• the road of Mary Theresa, the Austrian Empire queen
• Sections of the ancient Roman Road
• beautiful region of Dorna countys
• Tihutza mountain pass with the Dracula Hotel, located in the area where the Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula is taking place
• Delicious traditional natural and homegrown food
• The remote mountain villages of Ciosa and Poiana Catunenilor
The Piatra Fantanele Monastery, dating the beginning of the 20th century
• views over Bucovina and Transylvanian mountains

What’s included Transcarpathian MTB Raid

• Transfer from/to Cluj-Napoca Intern. Airport
• 6 overnights in locally own guesthouses and two overnights in Dracula Castle Hotel
• All meals included: breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch and dinners (except for one lunch at Dracula’s Castle )
• Transfer of main luggage from one base camp to another
• Guiding for every day of riding
• Technical assistance
• Photos and after movie

Details Transcarpathian MTB Raid

What to bring

Good to know



2019 is the first edition of the Transcarpathian MTB Raid, this test is organized by Carpathian Dreams together with the Sport Club Bike Experiences and MTB BN. Although it is our first competitive stage race, we have extensive experience organizing guided tours and other sporting events.

We work with the firm intention that this race becomes a reference of the tourist raids in stages.

We believe in responsible tourism as a generator of short and long-term benefits in local communities that in turn have an impact on the care and protection of the natural environment.

Our main objective is to continue to value this area of the Carpathians as a destination for responsible tourism.

We invite you to join the Adventure!!

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Sergi, BarcelonaIt’s been such a great trip. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed a lot the experience, not only for the routes and places where we stayed, but for our guide Calin, who was a great person and always willing to help.
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Doris, WienIt was a wonderful hiking experience with stunning views to the Colibita lake and the surrounding mountains!
Calin is an enthusiastic guide and speaks perfectly English. He was well informed and provided very good and detailed. He was very helpful for my stay in Bistrita. He gave me useful contacts and recommendations about activities in this area.

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Mark, MunichI had a long drive home but it was great to have the weekend to relax. Thank you to you all for making my trip so special.

Price plan & booking Transcarpathian MTB Raid

Transcarpathian MTB Raid

How to book the race

Once the pack is decided, make your reservation in 3 steps:

Overview Transcarpathian MTB Raid

Price: From 1290 to 1800 € f
Duration: 6 to 8 days
Overnights: 6 to 8
Fitness level:  4 de 5
Skills level: Intermediate

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Transcarpathians MTB Raid Transcarpathians MTB Raid Transcarpathians MTB Raid


Transcarpathians MTB Raid Transcarpathians MTB Raid Transcarpathians MTB Raid



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Trips Carpathian Dreams
Difficulty: 3 / 5
Trips Carpathian Dreams
Difficulty: 3 / 5
Trips Carpathian Dreams
Difficulty: 3 / 5
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