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Spring_in _Transylvania_Carpathian_Dreams-60
2018 / 02

Although Europe is hit by the Beast from the East, a polar air, that brought  

Mountain Bike trip in the open air living museum
2017 / 12

Located in Western Carpathians, the Apuseni Mountains are some of the most impressive places in  

The last ride of the Fall
2017 / 10

On the beginning of October we did the last mountain bike ride of the Fall.  

The conquerors of the carpathians
2017 / 10

In the middle of August the conquerors of the Carpathians  came all the way from  

2017 / 09

On the end of July  we spent three  beautiful Summer days in the mountains of  

mountain bike riding in eastern europe
2017 / 07

  In the first day, we did a short accommodation ride near the Colibita lake.  

Discovering new trails in wild Bucovina
2016 / 10

The first weekend in October we went for discovering new mountain bike trails in wild  

How to transport your bike on a plain
2016 / 09

Below we provide a number of tips on how to transport your bike on an  

August mountain biking Holiday
2016 / 08

Miguel, Juan, Miki and Fran, members of the La Secta MTB , arrived from Palma  

Enduro mountainbike ride in the Carpathians
2016 / 05

Ben and Barbara came all the way from London to enjoy some springlike fresh carpathian