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2018 / 08

END OF  SEASON Carpathians mtb tour. Enjoy our Carpathians mtb tour from the remote areas of medieval Transylvania to the picturesque region of wild and archaic Bucovina. 7 days with everything included, in a magical place in the north of Romania. This area of the  

2018 / 07

SUMMER MOUNTAIN BIKE IN EASTERN EUROPE Enjoy our mountain biking tour in Eastern Europe,riding remote areas in the Carpathians. 8 days with everything included, in a magical place in the north of Transylvania. This area of the Carpathians, located at the connection of three historic  

2018 / 04

“8 days of holiday in the heart of the Carpathians, enjoying exclusive sports and cultural experiences, accompanied by local guides … Enjoy a mountain bike tour in northern Transylvania, crossing remote areas of the Carpathians. 8 days with everything included, in a magical place. This  

2018 / 02

Although Europe is hit by the Beast from the East, a polar air, that brought freezing temperatures, Spring will soon arrive. Enjoying Spring in Transylvania is one of the best options. Nature is coming back to life, the birds are coming back from Africa, people  

Mountain Bike trip in the open air living museum
2017 / 12

Located in Western Carpathians, the Apuseni Mountains are some of the most impressive places in Transylvania, Romania and probably in Europe. Having their maximum height  lower than 2000 m they have other beauties in their pocket. Being made in general out of limestone, a soft  

The last ride of the Fall
2017 / 10

On the beginning of October we did the last mountain bike ride of the Fall. Although the weather forecast was initially pretty bad, at the end, the Universe was on our side. The temperatures were pretty chilly, but at least the rain didn’t reach us,  

The conquerors of the carpathians
2017 / 10

In the middle of August the conquerors of the Carpathians  came all the way from Spain to explore on their mountain bikes the north of Transylvania, Romania. Traian, the iberic emperor of Rome conquered Dacia, in his quest for gold and salt. This time, the  

2017 / 09

On the end of July  we spent three  beautiful Summer days in the mountains of Transylvania, together with Mark, our guest. The scenery was fantastic. The blooming flowers, the perfect weather, the specific summer work of the local people who were making hay in the  

mountain bike riding in eastern europe
2017 / 07

  In the first day, we did a short accommodation ride near the Colibita lake. The second day, the journey began. After a loop around the lake, we climbed towards the Borgo Pass, famous for the Bram Stoker’s novel – Dracula. Our host was the  

Discovering new trails in wild Bucovina
2016 / 10

The first weekend in October we went for discovering new mountain bike trails in wild Bucovina. This region, located in the north-east of Romania is known for its bucolic landscapes and wild forests. Bucovina is also famous for its painted monasteries, part of the UNESCO World  

How to transport your bike on a plain
2016 / 09

Below we provide a number of tips on how to transport your bike on an airplane and avoid to the maximum the potential problems that may arise. CarpathianDreams recommends to each client to bring its own bike to enjoy the mountain biking holiday in Romania. If this is  

August mountain biking Holiday
2016 / 08

Miguel, Juan, Miki and Fran, members of the La Secta MTB , arrived from Palma de Mallorca to enjoy a mountain biking Holiday week into the Romanian Carpathians. This time we designed a personalized tour,  passing from Rodnei National Park to Calimani National Park, a  

Enduro mountainbike ride in the Carpathians
2016 / 05

Ben and Barbara came all the way from London to enjoy some springlike fresh carpathian air. The moment couldn’t be better. The fresh green was a delight for the eyes and the sounds of the thousand birds  offered a true nature symphony.  Their visit overlapped  

2015 / 09

Somewhere in Europe, in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains lies a land of an archaic beauty. A piece of this puzzle is the Ilva Valley, a picturesque place, in the north of Romania. The beginning of summer is probably the best time to ride  

2015 / 04

Last year’s autumn, we have return to the northest point of Romania, in the historical region of Maramures, to ride the two of our favourite trails. For the first day we choose a trip in the Rodnei Mountains National Park, a 45 km ride with