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Test your abilities in the Carpathians

7 Days MTB training tour

    • Overview

      Explore the beauty of the Romanian country side and the tranquility of the Carpathian forests in this 5 day mountain biking training tour, dedicated to the enthusiast riders with an intermediate to advanced level that are willing to push their limits. During the 5 activity-packed days, you will cycle with your group to stunning areas of natural beauty, including national parks, mountain climbs, picturesque villages, and wild forests, before ending your last cycle day with a refreshing swim in the Colibitza lake.


      Duration: 7 days
      Overnights: 6
      Riding days: 5
      Total length: 250 km
      Average per day: 50 km
      Total climb: 7600 m
      Lowest and Highest point: 581 m/1582 m
      Level: medium to advanced (for some difficult routes, we can find alternative easier tracks)


      • experience the archaic Romanian country side, with ancient old customs and traditions
      wild and pristine forests, roaming with brown bears, wolves and linx
      Rodnei Mtns. National Park
      • The Lake of the Faires – natural reservation area
      • Sections of the ancient Roman Road
      • Colibitza Lake –sunbathing, swimming, sea kayaking possibilities
      • Tihutza mountain pass with the Dracula Hotel, located in the area where the Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula is taking place
      • Delicious traditional natural and homegrown food
      • The remote mountain villages of Ciosa and Poiana Catunenilor
      The Piatra Fantanele Monastery, dating the beginning of the 20th century
      • views over Bucovina and Transylvanian mountains

    • Price and Dates

      The price of this tour varies depending on the number of people in the group, get in touch with us and we will give you a personalized quote.
      If you are coming solo and wish to join to another already formed group, please contact us to check the possibilities.
      Please contact us for other details and the available dates.
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      • Transfer from/to Cluj-Napoca Intern. Airport
      • 6 overnights
      • All meals included: breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch and dinners
      • Transfer of main luggage from one basecamp to another
      • Guiding for every day of riding
      • Basic Technical assistance
      • Photos

      Not included:

      • Airplane or other means of transportation tickets
      • Mountain-bikes
      • Health and accident insurance

    • Itinerary

      First day

      Arrive in Romania and transfer from the airport to a special accommodation located at 1400m altitude in the Rodna Mountains National Park.
      Assembling bikes, detailed presentation of the tour
      Included services: dinner, accommodation

      Day 2 / Riding the Rodna Mountains National Park

      Our first day of riding will take us on one of the most enjoyable tours that can be done in the area.
      We will start by descending to Şanţ Village, from where we will begin a long and challenging climb, up to the ridge of the Rodna mountains.
      From here we will be rewarded with a long descent to the Rodna village. After a 6 km on an asphalted we will climb back to the accommodation place. A dive in the pool end a delicious dinner will end a great day.
      We will enjoy a packed lunch and dinner when we return to our accommodation.
      Distance 40 km +1300m/-1300m

      Included services: breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, dinner, accommodation

      Day 3 / Riding the Cucureasa ridge

      We will descend on the same route or we can choose a more challenging, enduro style one, to Şanţ Village. From there a long a easy climb will take us along the Somes river valley tasting the Romanian country side. The climb will become steeper as we approach the Suhard Pass.
      After a short push bike, the next 15 km will take us along beautiful meadows and pastures, with great views over the surroundings.
      A long descent and we will reach the Lunca Ilvei – one of the most beautiful villages in Romania.
      Distance: 60 km +1600/-1500m

      Included services: breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, dinner, accommodation

      Day 4 / From Lunca village to Borgo Pass

      After breakfast we will head south over the Borgo mountains to Dracula’s Castle Hotel – where Bram Stoker’s timeless novel took place. After a hard climb up to the Poiana Cătunenilor village, we will spend most of our day at around 1000m of altitude, before reaching the Borgo Pass in the afternoon.
      After dinner we will be visiting the Piatra Fântânele orthodox monastery and will enjoy the great 360 degrees view.
      Highlights of today’s ride include encountering the remote mountain villages of Poiana Cătunenilor and Ciosa with their traditional and archaic lifestyle, the wonderful views over the Călimani and Rodna mountains, and cycling on sections of the ancient Roman road.
      Distance: 65 km +1700/-1300 m

      Included services: breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, dinner, accommodation, transfer of main luggage

      Day 5 / From Borgo Pass to Colibita lake

      We will leave this mysterious place heading towards the volcanic Calimani Mountains. We will pass trough deep, wild forests and blooming meadows before reaching our lunch place. A traditional shepherd dish, called “balmos” will be served straight at the source with natural ingredients.
      By afternoon we reach the beautiful Colibita lake.
      Distance: 40 km +1200/-1400 m

      Included services: breakfast, sandwiches for lunch (depending on possibility we might take lunch at the sheepfold) , dinner, accommodation

      Day6 / Going deep into the wilderness of the Calimani Mountains

      In the last of riding we can choose between several routes, from easy to more challenging ones. We will be going deep into the wilderness of the Călimani Mountains, known for being one of the most dense of the brown bear populations in Europe and probably one of the last wild regions on this part of the continent.
      We will also pass trough some beautiful meadows, where we will experience the traditional lifestyle of the shepherds and from where we will admire the higher volcanic peaks of the Călimani Mountains. The highlight of the day will be the magical place where lies the Lake of the Fairies, and the reward for the intense effort at the end of the day will be the refreshing swim into the Colibitza lake.
      Distance: From 30 to 50 km +1000 to 1800/-1000 to 1800m

      Included services: breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, dinner, accommodation

      Day 7 /End of a great week

      After breakfast, we say goodbye and leave this magical place and take a group transfer back to the airport.

      Included services: breakfast, transfer to the airport

    • Logistics and info

      What to bring with you

      Mountainbike in good technical condition – front suspension hardtail or fullsuspension one with a minimum of 2.2 inch Tyre

      Technical gear:
      • Small bike backpack (around 15 liters)
      • Sportbag for transferring your stuff from one location to another
      • 2 or more bike Jersey, 2 or more bike pants, underwear, socks, bike-shoes, gloves
      • Helmet
      • Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses
      • Rain resistant biking jacket and pants
      • Warm clothes for evenings (temperatures can drop as low as 5 degrees Celcius even during the summer in the evenings and mornings or on the mountains)
      • Hydration systems or bottles
      • Swimwear
      • Sun creams if you have a sensitive skin
      • Towel
      • Basic firstaid kit
      • Camera

      Tools to bring
      • Multitool, tyre levers, pump

      Spare parts for your bike
      Rear derailleur hangers (we insist to bring at least one of it with you), spare tubes, brakepads, a couple of extra spokes, extra chain

      Weather in Romania

      During summer time weather in Romania can be very warm to hot, with short periods of cold rainy days and with regularly summer storms with lightnings and thunders during afternoons. Temperatures during summer can vary from 5 degrees Celsius in the morning to as much as 35 degrees at noon (even 40 degrees in the southern part of Romania).

      Travel Insurance

      We highly recommend you to have a travel and accident insurance, for your holiday, that should cover you over the time spent in Romania.

      Romania – a short overview

      Romania, a country from the east part of Europe is a place little known for the rest of the World, but which has a lot to offer.
      Romania’s mountains are considered to be one of the last wild places in Europe being home of more than half of Europe’s large carnivores like bears and wolves.

      With almost half of its population living in the countryside, Romania and its villages is the place where you can still experience the rural lifestyle, in its true sense, witnessing ancient old traditions and customs, wich are extinct in other parts of Europe. People are still working and living from the land, using their own hands and animals for this. They still use horse drawn carts for carrying stuff and collecting hay in the old ways.

      But this fragile paradise is facing extinction due to globalization, Eu regulation (Romania entered European Union in 2007) and young people migration to urban areas and to foreign countries in search for a place to work.

      Also, other danger that Romania is facing is deforestation. Tourism and income from it could be an alternative to distraction of the wild habitats. It can also add an income to the local economy, helping to preserve the fragile way of life of the local communities.

      The best moment to visit the wild and archaic Romania was 20 years ago, the second one is NOW !!!

    • Gallery

      What you can see and experience on this tour:

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