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more than just riding
We are a team of experienced riders, with more than ten years of mountain bike riding, with great knowledge of the places you are about to visit. Our trips are made in some remote areas in the north side of Romania. We are inlove of these places and happy to show it, beeing guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local comunities.
From lost in time villages, to the wild nature of the Carpathians, from national parks to mountain lakes with beautiful scenery, from mountain-bike adventures to hiking and kayaking, from standard to custom tours, from easy, cruising rides to challenging ones, we promise you a great experience. Check our tours!
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2018 / 08

END OF  SEASON Carpathians mtb tour. Enjoy our Carpathians mtb tour from the remote areas of medieval Transylvania to the picturesque region of wild and archaic Bucovina. 7 days with everything included, in a magical place in the north of Romania. This area of the  

2018 / 07

SUMMER MOUNTAIN BIKE IN EASTERN EUROPE Enjoy our mountain biking tour in Eastern Europe,riding remote areas in the Carpathians. 8 days with everything included, in a magical place in the north of Transylvania. This area of the Carpathians, located at the connection of three historic  

Day rides
From cycling to enduro
If you are interested in just one day of riding, we can gladly assist you. From easy cycling routes on rural earthed paths to adrenalizing single trails, we know some of the best routes in the north of Romania.

Our playground includes the spectacular Rodnei Mountains National Park, the wild Calimani Mountains, the idyllic Bargau Mountains, the archaic Bucovina, the rural Maramures, or the saxon medieval Transylvania.

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carpathian dreams
MTB tour in
a legendary mountain Pass
Exploring the land of Count Dracula
Borgo Pass or Tihuta Pass, connects from centuries the two historical romanian regions of Transylvania and Bukowina. Its commercial and strategic role goes even deeply into history. Witness to it being the presence of the ancient roman road, with sections that are well preserved even today.

We will be accommodated at the Dracula's Castle Hotel, built in the late 70s by the communist regime, with a medieval like castle look, in order to connect it with the legend of count Dracula from the Bram Stoker's novel. The story from it is taking place in this area.

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carpathian dreams
MTB tour in
northern Transylvania
Experience the archaic rural life and
the wild nature of the Carpathians
Deep into the wilderness of Romania lies a magical place that is wating to be explored. This Carpathian area, located at the intersection of the historical regions of Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramureş is one of the last places in Europe where lost in time villages, with ancient traditions and customs, and wild and pristine nature is still to be found.

We are inlove of these places and happy to show it, beeing guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local comunities.The aim of the tour is to combine the pleasure of biking with the direct experience on the carpathian nature and the romanian village lifestyle.

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carpathian dreams
training tour
Test your abilities in the Carpathians
Explore the beauty of the Romanian country side and the tranquility of the Carpathian forests in this 5 day mountain biking training tour, dedicated to the enthusiast riders with an intermediate to advanced level that are willing to push their limits.

During the 5 activity-packed days, you will cycle with your group to stunning areas of natural beauty, including national parks, mountain climbs, picturesque villages, and wild forests, before ending your last cycle day with a refreshing swim in the Colibitza lake.

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carpathian dreams
Wild and wellness
From Transylvania to Bucovina
A personalized mountain bike tour, including 6 days of riding and 7 fine selected accommodating places. We will pass from medieval and mysterious Transylvania to archaic and mystical Bucovina, exploring some of the most idyllic and wild places of Romania and Europe.

Remote villages with an ancient lifestyle of the local people, deep and wild forests, beautiful meadows and pastures, fresh, clean air, will enchanted our body and soul. We will ride from one location to another, most of the accommodation locations beeing a selection of the best spa and wellness centres in the area, the perfect ending after a day of riding.

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carpathian dreams
Colibita Lake Bike
from biking to kayaking
High in the Transylvanian mountains, deep into the wilds of the Carpathians lies a beautiful lake surrounded by majestic mountain crests, covered with endless forests and beautiful flowered meadows.

Beside exciting mountainbiking trails, Colibita offers multiple leisure activities like sun tanning, swimming, trekking and hiking, nature and wildlife observation and phototours, interaction with the local people with their traditional lifestyle and customs, and of course, all kind of watersports like seakayaking, windsurfing, canoeing or even white water rafting downstream of the dam.

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Custom trips
dedicated to your desires
Besides our standard tours we may also organize tailor-made trips according to your wishes. From cycling, easy tours to enduro rides, from hiking to photography tours and cultural trips, we got you covered.

If you are a novice in mountain biking, don’t worry. We can find for you the best routes , accordingly to your riding skills and fitness level. We are experienced riders, with over 10 years of mountainbike riding, so we might pass you some tips.

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carpathian dreams